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By Hans Ludwig C Jaffe

The richly various illustrations are all in color—over 1000 of them, with many full-page plates displaying works of paramount value and curiosity. the most important epochs, faculties, and types of Western and japanese portray are represented in work of art, illuminations, adorned vessels, mosaics, panel work, and scrolls. many of the examples were selected to offer a clean and unhackneyed choice, and a few of the works are practically inaccessible to the standard art-loving vacationer.

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Like left amulet hangs from hand he holds Only in A chain around his neck, and a a slender white disk in Ins staff. Mari have the accidents of time preserved wall paintings from the we know Babylonian dynasty, but everything first indicates that other great palaces of the time in there were similar decorations on the walls of reception halls, rooms of state of in and dwelling quarters. As state, far as their conservation permits us to judge, the wall paintings Mari which exploit traditional themes are ventional events are fresh original.

Often thej portrayed the dignitaries ol the peoples subjugated bj Egypt in lands ranging from Africa to Mesopotamia, and as such were a means of proclaiming the military glory of the conquering Pharaohs. The Egyptians achieved astonishing realism in characterizing and types ethnic diverse representing the details of the Splendid costumes in worn by the foreign personages. Black skin coloring (as in the figure at the far left and the second from the right) generally defined the person as Nubian, red skin as Philistine (third from the left), yellow as Syrian (second from the left), and baldness (third from right) as Amorite.

In the course of the inquiry the dead man speaks the following hieroglyphs: "I have begun ill treated Oinl no beasi words which n<> evil nor have against any I arc gi\ en in man, have blasphemed againsi I " 'The ordeal completed successfully, the dead man maj ciiur into Paradise and enjo) its delights in peace. C. uhI the nexi inlaid plaques which have been given the name "Standard ol because of their subject, War and • and reddish limestone yellott shells <>f Height, lapis lazuli Standard the Inlay • Here we Peace.

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