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By Loren L. Coleman

A REPUBLIC in danger Months have handed because the interplanetary communications internet was once destroyed, setting apart planets around the Republic of the sector. Achernar is among the few worlds nonetheless in ownership of a operating Hyperpulse Generator Station, in a position to communications around the galaxy-and a far sought-after prize for the splintering factions of the Republic to procure. Raul Ortega did not qualify as an lively MechWarrior, discovering a few solace within the Republic's army reserves on Achernar and dreaming of the day he may well understand the journey and glory of actual wrestle. The Republic-loyal forces of Achernar whom Raul serves are supported by means of a free alliance with the Swordsworn, a faction pledged to accommodate Davion, whose leaders have an schedule in their personal. whilst the planet falls lower than siege via yet one more splinter crew, the metal Wolves, who're reason on shooting the HPG station, Raul is named to energetic accountability. but if the Swordsworn desolate tract Achernar in its time of desire, Raul discovers that there's little honor within the brutal realities of warfare and the delicate nuances of treachery.

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