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By Traktung Dudjom Lingpa, Chonyi Drolma

A transparent replicate The Visionary Autobiography of a Tibetan grasp via Lingpa, Traktung Dudjom. released through North Atlantic Books,2011, Binding: Paperback

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I saw a turquoise man riding an iron horse. Holding a lance with a white silk banner in his right hand, he circumambulated me three times, then removed his tiger-skin hat and said, Kyé Ho! Greetings Khyé-u Chung Lotsawa! If you don’t recognize me, Outwardly, I am Ngala Taktsé Lak; Inwardly, I am a wild sorcerer who takes lives; Secretly, I am the nine classes of Zhang ministers. In the past, at a place called Drakmar Yerpa, Glorious Supreme Master Orgyen granted me empowerment, Entrusted me with the stewardship of three great treasures, And conferred upon me inconceivable wealth and possessions.

Compared to sentient beings, my capability was inconceivable. Although I had immeasurable insight in the realm of meditative experience, Nothing whatsoever appeared apart from the outwardly appearing luminosity That arises from the vast expanse of the basis of being. Gods and Demons I TURNED SIX in the Rat Year [1840]. On the morning of the first day of the sixth month, as soon as I awoke I saw a black nine-headed iron scorpion writhing about in the space before me. I was immediately terrified.

I saw all appearing forms as male and female wrathful deities who hoisted aloft innumerable weapons, and hordes of black men and women launching magical weapon wheels. Blazing whirlwinds of fire raged thick upon one another, as loud as thunder. In the midst of that terrifying, brilliant, and fearsome land stood a three-sided building erected from piles of new and old charnel-ground bones. Inside this immense and tall structure, upon a throne of numerous fresh and withered human corpses, stood the chief dakini Dorjé Pakmo, Vajra Sow.

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