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By Robert Coover

Previews, coming points of interest, horror, romance, secret, even intermissions--you identify the kind of motion picture and there's a fiction inside of this assortment to hide it--all written with the exuberance you've come to anticipate in Robert Coover's writing.

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No marginalia. Hugh McCulloch Written in Florence: The Last Verses of Hugh McCulloch London: 1902. Waterloo. No marginalia. Niccolo Machiavelli Erotica Milano: 1924. Waterloo. No marginalia. Frederick Walter Macran English Apologetic Theology London: 1905. Georgetown. Sixty-two marginalia. [Signed and dated 1905. ] 1 pp 98–99, marked Just as a watch from the skill of its contrivance, and the elaborate construction of its mechanism, inferred an intelligent maker, so, only in a higher manner, did that vast machine the universe […] imply that it was the product of a vast and wise intelligence.

Et hoc ideo est, quia ens est duplex: ens scilicet rationis et ens naturæ. e. are attained. If you see “yellow” it would mean that intent creates essence when it selects it: which would defeat all dialectic since it would have no constant terms. 1 Dialectic, however, in all predictions proceeds from the probable, thus it does not produce knowledge, but mere opinion. This idea derives from the two-fold nature of being: obviously, rational being and natural being. Being, however, is properly said to be rational by intention, as if reason found things by reflection, and the purpose of genera, species and the like were not found in the nature of things, but resulted from human thought.

E. in animal perception, not in intuition. 1 I may know by reason that God exists, but on condition that such knowledge is apart from the being that I touch and see. 2 p 21, marked [On the conception of Being:] George Santayana’s Marginalia 2:13 Pure Being = the Realm of Essence: as for Existence, it is many, essentially because in flux. 3 p 25, underlined J’ai parlé de la vérité de à l’intelligence. L’intelligence est vraie, selon qu’elle juge la chose comme elle est. Mais les choses aussi sont vraies, selon qu’elles sont conformes à l’intelligence dont elles dépendent:1 […].

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