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By Donald B. Redford

We're vastly indebted to Dr. Redford for this thorough piece of labor. It illustrates the necessity for monographs that can assemble jointly the accrued result of sustained examine with extra amplitude than is feasible in a piece of writing and extra element than is feasible in a remark. there are various different certain chunks of culture within the OT, relatively within the Pentateuch, which deserve such therapy. Redford's paintings encompasses a complete overview of earlier paintings, a clean and painstaking exam of a number of salient matters, and a few positive conclusions.
The certain difficulties awarded by means of the Joseph tale warrant exam in detachment from the remainder of the Pentateuch. As Redford's paintings exhibits, too many matters were prejudged simply because effects (or hypotheses) derived from surrounding fabrics were accredited to steer, if to not dictate, the result of investigating Genesis 37-50. A parade instance is using the divine names, and different contrastive vocabulary-pairs, as hallmarks of the resource files J and E. As Redford indicates, Yahweh is specific to ch. 39. moreover, different pairs, like Israel/Jacob, whereas now not correlating with this primary clue, do need to a point a concomitant distribution with the Judah/Reuben motifs.

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8 Israel notices Ephraim and Manasseh for the first time, but does not know them, an odd state of affairs if he had lived in Egypt for seventeen years! 1 In vs. 11 Jacob ejaculates that he had entertained no hope of seeing Joseph alive again, much less any offspring of his. And when, in the subsequent verses the boys come forward for blessing, they are described in terms befitting children. These strange facts show clearly that the first part of the chapter is foreign to the aetiology of the second, for vs.

In view of this difficulty, and of the use of the full kejOne! , it seems justifiable to separate the first four words of this verse and treat them as a gloss on wqyyiibi'ii. ), of Biblical Studies, 12 [1947], 13). He takes it from an otherwise unattested ySLI:l, the equivalent of Aram. " "This solution of the problem is supported by the fact that the story actually requires a tearing up of the coat... ). 30 THE SYNTAX OF THE JOSEPH STORY 8. " See the discussion below, p. 135 f. 9. " See the discussion below, p.

11, above), through the suffixing of the semantic subject to the simplex. Thus the expected pattern would beSemantic Predicate - Copula - Semantic Subject -which is found in the following examples in the Joseph Story: 42: 6, weYoset!. hi? haffalli! 2 (b) Semantic Subject in Front Position. The second means of expanding the basic Binary Construction is by prefixing the semantic subject to the whole. This results in the ternary patternSemantic Subject - Semantic Predicate - Copula -which is found nine times in the Joseph Story, seven in the context of dream interpretation.

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