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By National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Polar Research Board, Ocean Studies Board, Committee on Abrupt Climate Change

Committee on Abrupt weather swap, Ocean reviews Board, Polar examine Board, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and weather, department on the earth and existence reviews, nationwide study Council

The weather checklist for the previous 100,000 years in actual fact exhibits that the weather process has passed through periodic--and usually extreme--shifts, occasionally in as low as a decade or much less. The explanations of abrupt weather adjustments haven't been truly tested, however the triggering of occasions might be the results of a number of average processes.

Abrupt weather alterations of the importance obvious long ago could have far-reaching implications for human society and ecosystems, together with significant affects on strength intake and water offer calls for. may well one of these swap occur back? Are human actions exacerbating the chance of abrupt weather switch? What are the capability societal outcomes of any such swap?

Abrupt weather switch: Inevitable Surprises seems on the present clinical proof and theoretical knowing to explain what's presently recognized approximately abrupt weather swap, together with styles and magnitudes, mechanisms, and chance of incidence. It identifies severe wisdom gaps in regards to the capability for destiny abrupt alterations, together with these points of switch most vital to society and economies, and descriptions a examine technique to shut these gaps.

in accordance with the simplest and most present examine on hand, this e-book surveys the background of weather switch and makes a chain of particular strategies for the longer term.

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A summary of much of the relevant terrestrial pollen information follows, organized by region. Europe As the Northern Hemisphere was recovering from the last ice age about 15,000 years ago, the climate warmed dramatically and trees started to colonize the landscape. Evidence of the warming was first found in Scandinavia by geologists who noticed tree fossils in organic sediment. They named the warming interval the Allerød for the locale where it was first observed. Overlying the Allerød layer were leaves and fruits of Dryas octopetala, an arctic-alpine herb, in sandy or silty (minerogenic) layers above the peaty tree remains; this suggested that the climate had reverted several times to very cold conditions.

L997). 4). Terrestrial evidence is primarily from three sites (Leyden, 1995). , l994). 4 Global extent of terrestrial (pollen) and ice core (isotopic) evidence where the Younger Dryas cooling (11,500 – 13,000 BP) has been found. While northern hemispheric evidence is consistently strong for cooling, southern hemispheric sites contain controversial evidence and in some cases lack of evidence for a cooling during the YD interval. Possible upwelling in the Cariaco Basin during this time is also indicated, attributed to trade wind increase.

The upper forest line during the stadial was 600-800 m lower than today, and average temperatures were about 4-6°C lower than today. This evi- EVIDENCE OF ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE 33 dence comes from about 14 areas, mostly at high elevations (2000-4000 m) in the Eastern and Central Cordillera and in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; some data were collected from the tropical lowlands. Late-glacial records from Ecuador do not exhibit evidence of a climatic reversal (Hansen and Sutera, l995). Several sites in Peru give indications of a late-glacial climatic reversal although sediments from Laguna Junin indicate that the cooling occurred between 14,000-13,000 years ago, before what is normally observed for the Younger Dryas event (Hansen and Sutera, 1995).

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