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By Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello

This booklet offers the suitable results of lately came across and interdisciplinary phenomena, prompted through neighborhood mechanical instabilities. specifically, it appears to be like at emissions from nano-scale mechanical instabilities comparable to fracture, turbulence, buckling and cavitation, focussing on vibrations on the TeraHertz frequency and Piezonuclear reactions. destiny functions for this paintings might comprise earthquake precursors, weather swap, power construction and mobile biology.

A sequence of fracture experiments on normal rocks demonstrates that the TeraHertz vibrations may be able to set off fission reactions on medium weight parts followed by way of neutron emissions. an identical phenomenon looks to have happened in numerous diversified occasions, relatively within the chemical evolution of the Earth and sun method, via seismicity (rocky planets) and storms (gaseous planets). because the authors discover, those phenomena may also clarify puzzles regarding the historical past of our planet, just like the ocean formation or the primordial carbon toxins, in addition to medical mysteries, just like the so-called “cold nuclear fusion” or the proper radio-carbon relationship of natural fabrics, equivalent to the Turin Shroud. In biology, Piezonuclear reactions may possibly clarify the mechanism that governs the so-called "sodium-potassium pump" and extra as a rule, the metabolic processes.

Scientists engaged in seismology, geophysics, geochemistry, climatology, planetology, condensed topic physics and b

iology, in addition to these occupied with theoretical and utilized mechanics, will all enjoy the cutting edge paintings provided the following in a holistic way.

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The maps, with dimensions of about 250 μm  200 μm, were analyzed before the loading tests. The typical concentration on external surfaces show high percentages of Fe (~65 %) (b) and O (~30 %) (c). The remaining concentration is represented by minor contents of Si (d), F (e) and Ca (f) Fig. 7 Maps obtained from EDS analysis of fracture surface (a). The maps, with dimensions of about 250 μm  200 μm, were analyzed to localize the presence of significant changes in the chemical composition. The typical concentration on fracture surfaces shows a lower percentage of Fe (~35 %) (b).

For specimens with sufficiently large size and/or slenderness, a relatively high energy release is expected, and hence a higher probability of neutron emissions at the time of failure. Furthermore, during compression tests with cyclic loading, an equivalent neutron dose was found at the end of the test by neutron bubble detectors, about twice higher than the ordinary background level [4, 8, 9]. In addition, using an ultrasonic horn suitably joined with the specimen, ultrasonic tests were carried out on Luserna stone producing a continuous vibration at 20 kHz.

Construct Build Mater 25:4126–4131 29. Aggelis DG, Mpalaskas AC, Matikas TE (2013) Acoustic signature of different fracture modes in marble and cementitious materials under flexural load. Mech Res Commun 47:39–43 30. Scholz CH (1968) The frequency-magnitude relation of microfracturing in rock and its relation to earthquakes. Bull Seismol Soc Am 58:399–415 31. Carpinteri A, Lacidogna G, Pugno N (2006) Richter’s laws at the laboratory scale interpreted by acoustic emission. Mag Concr Res 58:619–625 32.

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