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By Karl Maramorosch, Thomas Mettenleiter

Released considering that 1953, Advances in Virus Research covers a various diversity of in-depth reports, supplying a precious evaluation of the present box of virology.

  • Contributions from top authorities
  • Informs and updates on the entire newest advancements within the field

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The thickness of the PM2 membrane is $29 A ˚ 3 A less than that of PRD1. , 2004). , 2004). , 2004). , 2007; Scha¨fer, Hinnen, & Franklin, 1974). , 2007). , 2007). , 2008). This lattice of these membrane proteins mediates the interaction between the membrane and the icosahedral capsid shell. 4), as the internal membrane of PM2 does not transform into a tail tube. , 2004). , 2004). During this entry step, the integral membrane protein P10 most probably interacts with the Prokaryotic Viruses with Lipids 27 host membrane (Kivela¨, Madonna, Krupovicˇ, Tutino, & Bamford, 2008).

2 How ϕ6 acquires its membrane envelope The entering PC secretes the first transcripts into the cytoplasm-producing proteins needed for the empty PC assembly (Fig. 3K). Later in the life cycle, there is an increase of synthesis of envelope constituents and protein P8 assuring the maturation of the NC and formation of the viral envelope (Fig. 3L; Poranen, Tuma, & Bamford, 2008). The most crucial components for the membrane assembly are the integral membrane protein P9 that is inserted to the host plasma membrane and an assembly factor protein P12.

L2 was isolated in England by washing the host cultures with phosphatebuffered saline (Gourlay, 1971). Virus production of infected cells is increased almost threefold by ultra violet radiation or mitomycin C (Putzrath & Maniloff, 1978). L2 acquires its lipids, which form the outer membrane of the virion, unselectively from A. laidlawii. It is considered that L2 obtains its lipid envelope during budding from the host cell (Al-Shammari & Smith, 1981). The L2 virion contains major structural proteins of 19, 58, 61, and 64 kDa, but additional minor protein species have been observed (Maniloff, 2012).

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