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By Katja Hetterle

This research investigates adverbial clauses from a cross-linguistic viewpoint. according to different contemporary typological learn within the context of complicated sentences and clause-linkage, it proceeds from a close, multivariate research of the morphosyntactic features of the phenomenon less than scrutiny.

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The hypothesis will be developed that the same associations between clause type and degree of downgrading can be observed cross-linguistically. After illustrating distinct degrees of downgrading qualitatively in non-European languages, the hypothesis will be tested quantitatively against the data that were described in Chapter 3. Therefore, I will first present the variables that are relevant for determining the downgrading degree of a construction and the procedure of the analysis. The results will be presented, and a downgrading hierarchy of 14 adverbial relations will be proposed.

59:Pairwise comparison of groups of non-adjacent clause types (12 relations) Tab. 60:Pairwise comparison of groups of non-adjacent clause types (14 relations) Tab. 61:Parameters of reduction and parameters of nominalization Tab. 62:Degrees of reduction Tab. 63:Degrees of nominalization Tab. 64:Excerpt from the dataset (Multifunctionality of adverbial relations) Tab. 65:Network-internal semantic overlap (four temporal versus four logical relations) List of figures Fig. 1:Semantic map of indefinite pronouns (Haspelmath 1997: 4) Fig.

42:Degree of explicitness of adverbial relations (counts and mean values) Tab. 43:Multifunctionality patterns of SIMULTANEITY OVERLAP Tab. 44:Multifunctionality patterns of SIMULTANEITY DURATION Tab. 45:Multifunctionality patterns of ANTERIORITY Tab. 46:Multifunctionality patterns of POSTERIORITY Tab. 47:Multifunctionality patterns of TERMINUS AD QUEM Tab. 48:Multifunctionality patterns of TERMINUS A QUO Tab. 49:Multifunctionality patterns of CONDITION Tab. 50:Multifunctionality patterns of CAUSE Tab.

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