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By Peter S. Ruckman

A suite of articles from the Bible Believers’ Bulletin at the maximum cult on this planet; surpassing the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or maybe the Marian cult of Roman Catholicism. those articles represent a documented historical past of infidelity and apostasy between professing Christians from the First-century church to at the present time. The “party line” of the cult is outlined, and its contributors pointed out. There also are discussions of Biblical texts awarded by way of the cult as difficulties for the believer that allows you to create unbelief within the center of the Christian as to what God fairly acknowledged. a superb primer at the arguments and strategies of Biblical apostates.

About the author:
Dr. Peter S. Ruckman bought his Bachelor of Arts measure from the college of Alabama and comprehensive his formal schooling with six years of teaching at Bob Jones college (four complete years and sped up summer season sessions), finishing requisites for the grasp of Arts and health care professional of Philosophy degree.
Reading at a expense of 7 hundred phrases in keeping with minute, Dr. Ruckman had controlled to examine 6,500 books ahead of receiving his doctorate, and he nonetheless reads a normal of a booklet each one day.
Dr. Ruckman stands for absolutely the authority of the approved model and gives no apology to any well-known pupil wherever for his stand. as well as preaching the gospel and educating the Bible, Dr. Ruckman has produced a finished choice of apologetic and polemic literature and assets aiding the authority of the approved model of the Holy Scriptures.

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So? So, his “bible” includes the A pocrypha as it stands in the outstanding text representative o f the A lexan­ drian Cult, Vaticanus (m anuscript B). N either he nor Origen ever let the Bible interfere with their ideas on history, salvation, prophecy, doctrine, or truth. A ugus­ tine has no restoration of Israel (See The Amplified Version, 1 Thess. 2:16), no Rapture, no Antichrist, no millennial reign, and no Judgm ent Seat o f Christ. His “City o f G o d ” is the Rom an whore on the seven m o u n ­ tains o f Revelation 17.

The thesis being presented is that apostasy never begins with denying the “fundam entals” ; it al­ ways begins with questioning what God said (Gen. 3:1). This is followed by presenting the believer with dual authorities which conflict (Gen. 3:2-4). The motive, then, behind the recom m endation o f more than one final authority is to eliminate one or both of them and leave the person (school or church) who does the “rec­ om m en ding ” as the deciding and final authority. That is, the idolator who recom m ends more than one author­ ity is nominating himself (or his school) as a candidate for GOD.

Birds o f a feather flock together. Case No. Five Westcott and Hort A fter the greatest revival in the history o f the Christian church (160 0-180 0); after the propagation of the gospel to every major nation in the world; after the establishm ent of mission boards, Sunday schools, tract societies, Bible societies and Christian missionary train­ ing centers, up pop two sacram ental Episcopalians in England that insist that the Book responsible f o r all o f this be replaced with a different book.

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