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By Cesare Rossi

This e-book describes innovations and designs of historical engineers which are the precursors of the current. The a long time in most cases diversity from three hundred B.C. to 1600 A.D. with a few exceptions from ahead of and after this era. As for the very old ones, the booklet describes innovations (documented by means of archaeological reveals typically from Pompei, Ercolano and Stabia) that in general are little or no recognized and infrequently now not recognized in any respect. a few innovations are within the army box. it is because (unfortunately) many innovations and technological options were conceived ranging from army purposes. The booklet is split into 5 components. the 1st 4 components pertain to certain fields and current innovations in general conceived as much as the overdue Roman Empire. innovations which are consultant of the engineering genius of the ancients and which may be regarded as milestones, each one of their respective box. The 5th half refers to fields of engineering (such as textiles and automation) within which vital suggestions have been conceived additionally in additional contemporary centuries. for every of the innovations offered, even the traditional ones of many centuries previous, the authors offer 3 parts of study and reference: • Written files (the classics) • Iconic references (coins, bas-reliefs, etc.) • Archaeological findings.

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5 Mesolabia, from D. Barbaro’s translation of Vitruvius’ treatise. 3 The mechanism of Antikythera This mechanism is considered as the progenitor of modern computers and has been deeply studied by a number of scientists in the last decades. Some people assume that this is an out of place artifact but it is not: the Mechanism of Antikythera is a very brilliant work of its era; together with other devices presented in this book, it shows, once again, that 20 centuries ago scientific knowledge was much more advanced than one commonly supposes.

2 The mesolabio 45 P x O a y Fig. 3 A right-angled triangle. 4 is shown a reconstruction of the mesolabio built by Albrecht Dürer (Underweysung der Messung, Nurnberg, 1525). The left of the figure shows the working principle: a pair of orthogonal lines was drawn, the device was fitted as shown and the lengths of the segments were measured. By moving the sliding rule it was possible to change the segments’ lengths, while the relations among them did not change. Further details on the working principle are given in the observations.

Fig. 7 Reconstructions of the mechanism of Antikythera. 3 The mechanism of Antikythera 49 The wooden box was the frame and had three circular dials: one on the front panel and two on the rear panel. C. 8 the reconstructions of the three dials are depicted. Fig. 8 Reconstruction of the dials. The only dial that is clearly understandable is the one located on the front panel. Its reconstruction is based on a fragment as big as about one fourth of the entire circle; on it there is a circular scale about 45° wide.

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