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Tragic Modernities

The traditional Greek tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides have lengthy been thought of foundational works of Western literature, respected for his or her aesthetic perfection and undying truths. lower than the microscope of modern scholarship, even though, the presumed universality of Greek tragedy has began to fade, because the particularities of Athenian tradition have come into sharper concentration.

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175–631) on Didymus, Lentz (1867– 70 = GG iii) on Herodian, and Schrader (1880–2, 1890) on Porphyry. There is a vast corpus of papyrus Homerica (commentaries, glossaries, anthologies, explanations, paraphrases, summaries) and annotated papyrus texts of Homer, and each year it is augmented by new discoveries. This material is not normally included in editions of the manuscript scholia and so is difficult to find; it is however often important. A few papyrus commentaries are incorporated into Erbse’s edition, and the annotated texts are listed and in most cases reprinted by McNamee (1992) and Van Thiel (1992).

Though written on separate rolls, they were not intended to be read independently of the text but were connected to it by lemmata, short quotations indicating the word or passage under discussion. When a hypomnema was intended to accompany a particular edition,28 like the texts and commentaries of Aristarchus, the two could be linked by marginal signs in the text pointing to notes in the commentary. 29 But such annotation normally consists of brief notes rather than the complex discussions found in hypomnemata and in medieval scholia, and it is clear that our scholia are descended from ancient hypomnemata rather than from ancient marginalia.

Of the scholia omitted from Erbse the most important are the D scholia, which can be found in Van Thiel’s edition (2000b). 3). Even together, however, these editions do not cover all the Iliad scholia, nor do they allow one to work out the full extent of the material in an individual manuscript; even the contents of A, the most famous, cannot all be found in recently published editions alone. For such purposes one must resort to the older editions of Iliad scholia, which cover the most important manuscripts individually: W.

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