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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.


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Material examined. Atka: sta. 2 2 (one specimen). Eltanin: 1 2 - 1 0 0 2 (one specimen), 12-1003 (one specimen), 2 7 - 1 8 7 5 (one specimen). Hero: 6 9 1 - 2 6 specimen). Polar Duke: (two specimens), 731-1946 to bridge the distributional gap between South Georgia and the R o s s Sea. There are records n o w from Bransfield Strait and the outer Weddell Sea area and several from the Antarctic Peninsula at Gerlache Strait and the Palmer Archipelago offshore. N o n e o f the above records adds anything n e w to the k n o w n depth range.

Diagnosis. Ascorhynchus-like with slender glabrous dorsomedian trunk tubercles, a taller slender blind ocular tubercle,long slender 2-segmented scapes, single dorsodistal l o n g setae o n the lateral processes, and a very l o n g horizontal abdomen bearing t w o long Islas Orcadas: 5 7 5 - 6 1 (16 specimens), 5 7 5 - 6 2 specimen), 5 7 5 - 6 5 (three specimens), 5 7 5 - 7 0 specimens), 5 7 5 - 7 3 ( 3 2 specimens), 5 7 5 - 7 4 specimens), 5 7 5 - 7 6 (five specimens), 5 7 5 - 7 8 specimens). 124-126, Figs.

This species has 2 1 - 2 4 gland pores o n each femur and 192 3 o n the first tibia. It has a tarsus and propodus o f subequal lengths and a third palp segment 3 . 5 times the length o f the fourth. Remarks. T h e four specimens from P 9 4 1 and the j u v e n i l e from J 6 5 8 , to a lesser extent, have dorso­ median trunk and lateral process tubercles and an ocular tubercle w h i c h are much taller and sharply pointed than those illustrated for the type. It appears as though the dorsal tubercles o f the type series are w o r n d o w n at their tips.

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