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Y, and he did not see Wilson now and, aiming carefully, shot again with the buffalo's huge bulk almost on him and his rifle almost level with the oncoming head, nose out, and he could see the little wicked eyes and the head started to lower and he felt i! 134-5). The same device is used to mark the Peak' (Denouement) of the account of the Feeding of the Five Thousand in Matthew 14:19. It is not unusual in narrative portions of 34 CHAPTER 1 the Greek New Testament to find a participle or two at the beginning of a Greek sentence.

As we have seen, the narrator may inject himself into the story as a first person participant. On the other hand, the narrator may present in the third person a story in which either he is quite neutral as to vantage point or in which he comes down and stands beside one character 18 CHAPTER 1 and adopts the viewpoint of that character as his vantage point. Vantage point is morphologically marked in the structure of Oksapmin (Lawrence 1972). In one sort of Oksapmin narrative, one can single out one person or one set of persons as the vantage point of a story in the third person.

In Biblical Hebrew VSO clauses (with a peculiar narrative tense) mark the event line while SVO clauses (not with the special narrative tense) are reserved for supportive material (Longacre 1979a). It should be emphasized that what is on the line in one type of discourse is off the line in another type and vice versa. Thus in Anglo-Saxon, Biblical Hebrew, and Trique while VSO clauses characterize the main line of narrative and SVO clauses are off the line, in expository discourse in all three languages SVO is on the main line.

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