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I deduce this in part from the fact that a register of books borrowed from the Biblioteca di San Marco between 29 May, 1545, and 18 November, 1548, contains notices of a number of books borrowed by Mendoza between 29 May, 1545, and 18 May, 1546, but the Cremonensis codex is not among the books borrowed (H. Omont, “Deux registres de prets de manuscrits de la Bibliotheque de Saint-Marc k Venise (1545-1559),” Bibliotlieque de I'Ecole des Charles, Vol. 48 [1887], pp. 651-86; C. Castellani, “II prestito dei codici manoscritti della Biblioteca di San Marco in Venezia, “Atti del Reale Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Vol.

Nos omnes bene valemus. dominus noster iam diebus multis podagra laboravit. vale, pater, et me ama et illustrissimo d. marchioni me plurimum commendatum reddas obsecro. vale. ” I have omitted Sabbadini’s notes. The book that they are trying to get from the magistrate George is probably the Pespectiva communis of John of Pecham. The reference at the end is to Pope Nicholas V's gout from which he suffered in his last years. Heiberg claims further that Francesco Filelfo also knew Cremonensis personally ( Archimedis opera omnia, Vol.

Mehus (Florence, 1745), p. 27: “Jacobus Cremonensis nobis in hoc numero reponendus est, qui et ipse latinae, graecaeque linguae eruditus eloquentia valuit. Philosophiae quoque, et Mathematicarum artium haud inscius Archimedis nonnulla opera ex graeco in latinum vertit. Ex Diodori Siculi, quern supra nominavimus, historiis libros octo latinos fecit. ” " E. Zinner, Leben und Wirkeit des Joh. Muller von Konigsberg genannt Regio­ montanus, 2nd. ed. (Osnabriick, 1968). p. 91. 7 This is Nuremberg, Stadtbibl.

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