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By Albert Ellis

I hugely suggest this as a so much enlightening and interesting publication. My purely lawsuits are that the enhancing might have been higher, and Dr. Ellis might be must have placed his definition of faith in bankruptcy 1 rather than 6. yet his observations determine what i've got saw in interpreting Rands' works and hearing pals and others who're Objectivists.

Dr. Ellis brilliantly exhibits that Objectivism "is a straight forward spiritual process, within the classical use of this time period, concerning the type of ideals, practices, and moral values that a minimum of suggest (even in the event that they openly deny) a divine or superhuman energy within the universe and that relatively contain a religion unfounded on truth. I contend that any dogmatic, fanatical, absolutist, anti-empirical, people-condemning creed is spiritual simply because there's no actual facts on which it really is dependent, and its adherents, in zealously sticking to it, strongly kingdom or suggest that a few larger energy or order of the universe calls for that their perspectives are right--and that each one critical dissenters to their perspectives are forever wrong...

"Most capitalists also are incorporated right here as non secular in nature in that they're actual believers within the 'invisible hand' of the marketplace, a sincerely non secular suggestion, to resolve the entire world's difficulties if the area will simply set the entire markets free!"

Criticisms that Dr. Ellis had ultimately insulted Ayn Rand via this e-book or taken care of her perspectives unfairly are thoroughly off-base. in truth, he is going out of his strategy to provide credits the place credits is due. yet for a self-proclaimed rational individual, Ayn Rand created a philosophy that features a good deal of irrationality and unsupported dogma that should be uncovered. the nice hypersensitive reaction of Rand and her fans to the least bit of feedback reminds considered one of different fanatical religionists who get disillusioned whilst their sacred cows are criticized. Says Ellis in bankruptcy 14:

"If Rand particularly felt insulted by means of my bearing on her novel heroes as 'utterly most unlikely people' then she is certainly effortless to insult -- and will use numerous classes of rational emotive habit therapy!"

I myself am an atheist, yet I take the lifelike view that this doesn't instantly make me immune from irrationality. The utopian Objectivist excellent of whole rational pondering a hundred% of the time is irrational since it is very unlikely. people are either rational and emotional and likewise fallible. To create or persist with a rational philosophy much more than part the time, takes loads of self-control, self-reflection and humility. mockingly, on the way to make rational judgements a great deal of the time, it calls for that one be humble adequate to simply accept the truth of one's very human tendency towards irrationality with the intention to be vigilant opposed to it. with out that, you condemn humans for the specks of their eyes yet fail to take the sign off of yours and can even turn out like Ayn Rand: depressed, smoking cigarettes and donning a gold, dollar-sign broach.

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But this is not quite true. For self­confidence (or self­esteem, self­acceptance, or self­respect), when it truly exists, means that the individual fully accepts himself whether or not he thinks he is highly capable, and whether or not others approve him (Ellis, 1962, 2001a, 2001b, 2002, 2003). ” Instead, objectivism insists that the individual’s acceptance of himself must be contingent on several other things, and therefore must be highly conditional. Here are some of the ways in which Rand’s psychology posits a limited, false, and pernicious concept of self­ esteem.

Howard Roark, for all his pouting childishness, at least crusaded for individual liberty and some degree of libertarianism. Not so John Galt! If ever I came across a bigoted and fascistic “hero,” it certainly was he! With his creation, Ayn Rand had reached the summit of her pseudo­libertarian bigotry. This was especially true of Rand’s total non­acceptance and defamation of everyone­­including even outstanding capitalists who had the chutzpah to disagree with any of her sacred positions. Off with their balls and their heads!

Then, when she acts neurotically, she condemns herself for having symptoms, and concludes that such a worthless person can never change for the better. It is bad enough that people afflicted with poor judgment and neuroses tend to think this way, even without Rand and Branden stoutly encouraging them to continue this self­defeating, viciously circular kind of thinking! 4. In objectivism, every human being judges himself by some standard, and to the extent that he fails to satisfy that standard, his sense of personal worth, his self­respect, suffers accordingly (Branden, 1967b).

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