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By Arthur Koestler

This used to be the 3rd novel of Arthur Koestler's trilogy on ends and capacity - the opposite are THE GLADIATORS and DARKNESS AT midday - and the 1st he wrote in English.

The valuable subject matter is the clash among morality and expediency, and during this novel Koestler labored it out when it comes to person psychology. Peter Slavek begins out as a courageous younger innovative, yet suffers a breakdown. at the analyst's sofa he's made to find, in Koestler's personal phrases, 'that his crusading zeal used to be derived from subconscious guilt'.

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I think this bitch tied to the bed should be understood methaphorically, figuring a bit of the same state as the ‘sleeping household’. In other words: The sunbright woman he first found was wakened and stirred to fight by the man who came to her bed and then just left her. This the waking vígdrótt tells us. In this manner she was a ‘good woman’. Saldrótt um sofin points to a condition of sleep, which leaves a free way to her bed. Tied to the bed, or should we say enslaved by desire or lust, she becomes a ‘bitch’.

Thomas Klein offered an interpretation of the saga that attempts to integrate these stories into the saga structure. ” 5 The first tale gives some genealogical background information about fii›rekr’s alleged grandparents, telling us about Samson’s elopement with Hildisvi› from her father’s court. “Herburt and Hildr” is the story of fii›rekr’s bridal-quest going awry, since his messenger Herburt elopes with the bride himself. With the exception of the initial set-up of the quest, fii›rekr does not intervene in the events, which are not elaborated on any further.

Fii›reks saga contains the largest collection of bridal-quest narratives in a single medieval work. 2 These minstrel epics and also the bridal-quest plots contained in the German Nibelungenlied and Kudrun epic traditionally serve as the basis for studies of medieval (German and Scandinavian) bridal-quest narrative. With the exception of “Ósantrix and Oda” and its connection with König Rother, however, the bridal-quest stories contained in fii›reks saga are often neglected in scholarly discussions of the genre.

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