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By Michel Onfray

This highly debatable paintings demonstrates convincingly how the world's 3 significant monotheistic religions—Christianity, Judaism, and Islam—have tried to suppress wisdom, technology, excitement, and wish, condemning nonbelievers frequently to death.

Not for the reason that Nietzsche has a piece so groundbreaking and explosive seemed, to question the position of the world's 3 significant monotheistic religions. If Nietzsche proclaimed the dying of God, Onfray starts off from the idea that not just is God nonetheless a great deal alive yet more and more managed by means of fundamentalists who pose a hazard to the human race. Documenting the ravages from spiritual intolerance over the centuries, the writer makes a robust case opposed to the 3 religions for his or her obsession with purity and their contempt for cause and intelligence, person freedom, hope and the human physique, sexuality and enjoyment, and for girls mostly. of their position, all 3 call for religion and trust, obedience and submission, extol the "next life" to the detriment of the the following and now. Tightly argued, it is a paintings that's absolute to stir debate at the position of faith in American society—and politics.

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