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By Isaac Kalimi, Peter J. Haas

This quantity contains fifteen essays labeled in 3 significant sections.  a few of these essays increase theoretical and methodological matters whereas others specialise in particular topics.  The time span levels from past due biblical interval to the present.  the quantity displays the present considered a few of the significant students within the box in a number of shapes and contexts in addition to from a number of views: inner-biblical, qumranic, New testomony, quite a few rabbinic literature (targumic, midrashic, halachic, and Medieval kabalistic), and a few glossy interpretation. 
The essays displays the modern considered a few of the ideal students within the box of biblical exegesis from quite a few standpoints, movement the biblical exegesis way past its traditional limits, and improve the information and deeper the certainty of the readers.


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Yebam. 11b, and especially Yebam. ” 54. See I. Kalimi, “Die Bibel und die klassisch-jüdische Bibelauslegung. Eine Interpretations- und Religionsgeschichtliche Studie,” ZAW 114 (2002): 594–610 (603). 1 KALIMI Targumic and Midrashic Exegesis 31 upset—until he heard Rabbi Akiba’s reply to a question, “It is a law given unto Moses at Sinai”—whereupon Moses was at ease (b. Mena­. 55 It is not difficult to surmise the purpose of this imaginative Aggadah. ” No wonder that Moses, the very author of the Torah, was no longer able to comprehend the halachot taught in his name.

See M. : The Liturgical Press, 1994), 223; and cf. E. G. : The Liturgical Press, 1998), 55. 10. Cf. A. B. Ehrlich, Mikrâ ki-Pheschutô. Vol. 1, Divrei Torah (Berlin: Poppelauer’s, 1899), 178, 343, and also see p. 358. 1 KALIMI Targumic and Midrashic Exegesis 17 Near Eastern codes, such as the laws of Ur-Nammu (the founder king of the third dynasty of Ur in Sumer; ca. 2112–2095 BCE) and the laws of Eshnunna (ca. 1800 BCE). : limb) of [another man with his…], he shall pay ten shekels of silver. If a man, in the course of a scuffle, smashed the limb of another man with a club, he shall pay one mina of silver.

7. The translation of Exod 21:24–25 advanced by Benno Jacob (The Second Book of the Bible: Exodus [trans. W. : Ktav, 1992], 650) reads, “Eye-compensation for an eye; tooth-compensation for a tooth…,” his argument being that the interpretation of the Rabbis is the original meaning of the biblical law makes no sense. The biblical law speaks clearly “eye for eye, tooth for tooth…” rather than value/compensation of eye for eye, etc. 1 16 Biblical Interpretation in Judaism and Christianity man…” “And he that smites a beast…” (Lev 24:18), just as in the case of smiting a beast compensation is to be paid, so also in the case of smiting a man compensation is to be paid….

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