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Com to find up-to-date Web site links about the Bill of Rights and other American moments. These links are routinely monitored and updated to provide the most current information available. American Moments GLOSSARY archbishop: in Christianity, the highest-ranking bishop. charter: a written contract that states a colony’s boundaries and form of government. coronation: a ceremony to crown a head of state. parliament: the highest lawmaking body of some governments. Protestant: a Christian who does not belong to the Catholic Church.

S. citizens the right to own guns. • Amendment 3–The government cannot force people to house military. This means that the government cannot force homeowners to let soldiers stay in their homes. • Amendment 4–Freedom from illegal searches or seizures. This means that no one may search a person or his home without a reason, or without a search warrant. No one can take another person’s belongings without a warrant. • Amendment 5–A person is innocent until proven guilty; no one can be forced to bear witness against him/herself.

It draws on legal systems, cultures, religions, and philosophies from around the world. ” It has been translated into more than 200 languages. 40 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlines a broad range of rights that are considered to be free to all people. They include the right to life, freedom, and security. In addition, all people are free to earn a living, to own property, to express themselves openly, and to hold their own opinions. They have the right to education. They also have the right to be free from torture or poor treatment.

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