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By Ado Jorio

This publication covers the improvement of biotechnology in keeping with carbon nanostructures, with a spotlight on nanotubes, addressing additionally fullerenes and amorphous carbons. The ebook is split into 7 chapters, addressing tissue engineering, genetic engineering and treatment, in addition to the environmental and wellbeing and fitness affects of carbon nanostructures.

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In the early 70s, Jaenisch showed that by injecting the Simian Virus 40 into mice in their early embryonic period, virus incorporation into the embryo genome would be induced, thus transmitting the virus to the embryo offspring. Using the same concept with the Moloney leukemia virus, Jaenisch induced leukemia in successive generations of a genetically modified mouse [21]. Jaenisch studies were the basis for the current production of laboratory GMA, which can have its genome changed to promote gene insertion, conditional expression, gene over/down expression, or gene knockout.

Guatimosim et al. SWCNTs as nanocarriers of siRNA, and by using this strategy these authors obtained efficient siRNA delivery and potent gene silencing in Hep2G cells. In addition, we observed a concentration dependence on silencing efficiency, since a higher SWCNT to siRNA ratio produced more efficient InsP3-RII knocking down, as shown in Fig. 2. This finding is consistent with the idea proposed by Cherukuri et al. [22] that CNT uptake into the cells increases as a function of CNT concentration in the medium.

The G band intensity profile along Z confirmed the presence of MWCNT inside the embryo. 44 H. de Mello Brandão et al. Fig. 4 a Confocal micrography of bovine morula with small clusters of mult-wall carbon nanotube. b Raman intensity of G band at microscopy Z axis, during the embryo scan [99] The ability of the CNT to cross the ZP without impairing embryo viability makes the CNT a promising DNA vector to be used in the production of transgenic embryos. However, its embryotoxic effect, if any, need to be established.

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