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Published by way of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.


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S. Navy and the staff of the Office of finricans,Nature, ]94, 600, 71962. AntarcticProgramsof the National ScienceFoundationis also Jitts, H. ,,uptake in gratefully acknowledged. S. O. ,4ustralianDiv. Rept. 8, 1957. National Science Foundation. Mackintosh, N. , andH. F. P. Herdman,Distributionof pack. , 19. 287, 1940. , C. D. McAllister,T. R. Parsons,K. •. I). H. Strickland, Further measurementsof primary pro- duetionusinga large volumeplasticsphere,Limnol. , 8, 166-183, 1963. , The chlorophyllcontentof arcticseaice, Arctic, 14, 197-200, 1962.

The thickness of the irregular glacial ice was unknownat theselocations,which were under l)ermancntice about 28 km or more from the nearestarea of seasonal seaice formation. Amongthese specimens,11 T. bernacchii were successfullytransferred ]>yhelicopterto the laboratoryand run through f = a + b•,X,•, + btXt + b•X• where i• is the expectedlogmg O• consumed per hour. a is a constant. b•,,is a partial regression coefficient, the increasein 17per unit log weightincreaseat constanttemper. ature and swimmingvelocity.

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