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By Max Allan Collins

Early one quiet Monday morning, in an empty government place of work, assistant Janice Denard starts off to arrange for an additional usual day - yet in its place discovers facts of awful crimes, stunning photos left deserted in a printer. Now, with assistance from the LVPD's laptop forensics specialists, the CSI group needs to music via and software program, deception and deceit to discover the perpetrators. yet whereas Willows and Stokes examine the as soon as well-hidden secrets and techniques now published in print, Grissom, Brown, and Sidle discover new and demanding facts in a high-profile media case...the brutal homicide of the Mayor's long-missing secretary.

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Catherine was just finishing fingerprinting Janice Denard, handing her a paper towel to wipe her hands, when O'Riley strolled into the room. "I have three guys helping me now," O'Riley said. " "No. Of course they already know it had something to do with computers, and probably figured out we're not tryin' to figure out who's playin' computer solitaire on office time. " Catherine smiled at the woman. "I'm sure you won't. " She turned back to the detective. " "I'm glad to hear you say that," O'Riley said.

30 "That's a good idea," Nick said, "but we're gonna have to fingerprint them all before they go. " O'Riley nodded. "How long you been on shift, anyway? " "With all that overtime," O'Riley said, "I'll know who to come to for a loan. " O'Riley meant Sheriff Mobley, whose hobby was cracking down on overtime; the police and of course the CSIs were under the sheriff's jurisdiction in Vegas. Before long, Nick had escorted the makeshift computer squad to Janice Denard's office. When they gathered clumsily at the door, Nunez looked up and grinned.

Anthony seemed hypnotized by the picture; his eyes were huge. " The aide took a sudden step forward. " Anthony demanded. 43 Brass answered, but directed it to Mobley: "To give you a heads up, Sheriff, and a head start. " Mobley nodded. "Thanks, Jim," he said softly, sincerely. " "Brian," Brass said, his voice remarkably gentle considering all the contention that had existed between these two, "you do know that you'll have to recuse yourself from the case. " Anthony took a step forward and stopped when he realized he had nowhere else to go, an angry terrier on a short leash.

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