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By Paul A. Davies, Tim Falla, Kathy Gude, Mary Stephens

The multi-level examination education sequence for Cambridge ESOL checks which encourages scholars to higher examination effects.

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Best elections books

Mixed-Member Electoral Systems: The Best of Both Worlds? (Comparative Politics)

This ebook evaluates why mixed-member structures have lately appealed to many nations with different electoral histories, and the way good expectancies for those structures were met. every one significant nation that has followed a combined process is given chapters, one on origins and one on outcomes. The nations tested are Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Israel, Japan, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Hungary, and Russia.

Bush's War For Reelection: Iraq, the White House, and the People

A news-breaking expos? of the Bush administration's rush to battle, from the coauthor of the recent York instances bestseller Bush's BrainIn this unique behind-the-scenes account, veteran journalist James Moore unearths how the overthrow of Saddam Hussein used to be a key objective of the Bush management from the very beginning-and a severe part of the president's reelection process.

Social choice and the mathematics of manipulation

"Honesty in vote casting, it seems, isn't constantly the easiest coverage. certainly, within the early Seventies, Allan Gibbard and Mark Satterthwaite, construction at the seminal paintings of Nobel Laureate Kenneth Arrow, proved that with 3 or extra choices there is not any moderate vote casting approach that's non-manipulable; electorate will regularly have a chance to learn via filing a disingenuous poll.

Ideology and the Theory of Political Choice

There's no unified idea that may clarify either voter selection and the place offerings come from. Hinich and Munger fill that hole with their version of political communique according to ideology. instead of starting with citizens and diffuse, atomistic personal tastes, Hinich and Munger discover why huge teams of electorate percentage choice profiles, why they give thought to themselves "liberals" or "conservatives.

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However, he does not take refuge in nostalgia, but looks to new, digital media as the means whereby a more robust and practical citizenship can be built, not least because the relationships between representatives and citizens can be made more routine, transparent and accountable. He even suggests that digital media may constitute a ‘Fifth Estate’. Apart from addressing only one aspect of the impact of new media, the thesis that visual cultures and digital technologies greatly increase the chances of political manipulation and demagoguery, repeats a cardinal sin of retro-nostalgia and flirts with an ersatz determinism.

Being a visual medium, it is technically determined of course, but also carries a complex set of semiotic codes, conventions, formats and production values with which viewers engage. Digitalized media, as we have seen, also possess certain attributes, chief among which are immediacy and individualization. But there is no single communicative logic at work here, and certainly not one that need produce atomized rootless selves rather than reflexive individuals, or which, ipso facto, is ‘corrupting of democracy’ (Barber, 1998: 15).

But the possibility of a multitude of new channels eroded the legal foundations of such regulation. The diffusion of new modes of satellite transmission only compounded the challenge, as even countries whose constitutions and regulatory laws included other justifications for various systems of state control or regulation of broadcasting found it harder and harder to police the borders of their national electronic public spheres. These two global processes, then – the diffusion of the neo-liberal paradigm and the wave of new media technologies – have precipitated a transformation of national communications systems in nation after nation around the world.

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