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This article offers with matters with regards to the subject of crusade and election reform. It examines questions similar to how applicants bring up crusade cash and what individuals count on from them in go back and even if there can be criminal limits on how much cash applicants can increase or spend.

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Proportional Representation The other alternative that appeals to many people seeking a more responsive politics is proportional representation. In the current system legislative districts (such as for the House of Representatives) have only one seat to vote for, so there can be only one winner. According to Steven Hill, associate director and cofounder of the Center for Voting and Democracy, this winner-take-all system confronts voters and candidates with the following dilemmas: If I win . . you lose If I have my representation .

We are shouted down by the bullhorns of big money. ”17 None of these efforts had a direct impact on the making of new campaign reform legislation. It proved to be a more mainstream crusader, Senator John McCain of Arizona, who, working with his colleague Russell Feingold of Minnesota and representatives Martin Meehan and Christopher Shays, finally got Congress to pass the first major campaign reform bill in a generation, the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) of 2002. Although there are adjustments and additions to the hard money limits, the key thrust of this latest round in federal campaign legislation is aimed at soft money.

The California initiative allows localities to set local spending limits not exceeding one dollar per registered voter. These measures are being challenged in federal court (citing the Supreme Court’s overturning spending limits in Buckley v. Valeo); as of 2003 a district court has upheld the $100 contribution limit in Arkansas. 30 Introduction to Campaign and Election Reform THE BIPARTISAN CAMPAIGN REFORM ACT OF 2002 Progress in federal campaign reform has been slow. Besides the growing activity in the states, the 1990s saw a number of high-profile efforts to make campaign finance reform a national issue.

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