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By Pieter van der Lugt

This quantity offers with the rhetoric, the formal and thematic framework, of Psalms 90-150 (the Fourth and 5th booklet of the Psalter). it's the end of the Psalms venture all started with Psalms 1-41, OTS fifty three (2006) , and endured with Psalms 42-89, OTS fifty seven (2010). Formal and thematic units exhibit that the psalms are composed of a constant trend of cantos (stanzas) and strophes. The formal units specially contain quantitative stability at the point of the cantos by way of verselines, verbal repetitions, and (on the extent of the strophes) transition markers. The quantitative method of a psalm by way of verselines, cola and/or phrases regularly in actual fact discloses a focal message. this large examine is rounded off by way of an up-to-date creation to the canto layout of biblical poetry (including the ebook of task, Lamentations, the Songs of Songs, Deutero-Isaiah and different significant poems of the Hebrew Bible).

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12b prep. ‘l, vv. 13a! 2 psalm 91 vv. 2 prep. b- + suffix -y, vv. 16b (inclusion); see also -y in v. 14b and prep. b- in v. hw, vv. ; see also yˇsw‘ty in v. 16b suffix -hw, vv. 16a (exactly lineair); see also -hw in vv. 14b, 15c (2×) and 16b (and suffix -w in v. rh/byˇsw‘ty, vv. 15b and 16b resp. (antithetic parallelism; exactly lineair) Within the canticles vv. 1): vv. 3 29 prep. l-, vv. sh, vv. 4b (linear) prep. b- + suffix -w, vv. 2b and 4a (linear); note also -w in v. 4b+c l’, vv. 7c (linear) tyr’/tr’h, vv.

This verseline explicitly expresses the measure of man’s life time. Establishing its limitation to seventy or at best eighty years, in the light of God’s transcendence in terms of time (see Canto I), v. 10a–b functions as a lament about a definite end; cf. above about v. 3b and see also Weber, p. 119. However, the poem does not end with the final strophe of Canto II. The prayer for a wise heart (v. 21 It is important to note that this prayer demands some inner ‘change’ of the speakers themselves.

10c–d) is the most far-reaching request we find in the third canto. The canto winds up with the prayers of the final strophe, vv. 23 The boundaries of the poem as a whole are marked by inclusion; see ’dny etc. 24 It is possible that the repetition of the root kwn (‘to confirm’) in v. 17b–c once again underlines the envelope construction. Using this verb, the community prays that their works ‘durch Gottes Mitwirken ein wirkungsvoller Beitrag zur Sch¨opfung als Gesamtprozeß des Lebens werde’ ([Hossfeld]/Zenger [2000], p.

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