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By Alexis Wright

Alexis Wright is one among Australia's best Aboriginal writers. Carpentaria is her moment novel, a hovering epic set within the Gulf state of north-western Queensland, from the place her humans come. Carpentaria's portrait of lifestyles within the precariously settled coastal city of Desperance centres at the robust Phantom family members, whose individuals are the leaders of the Pricklebush humans, and their battles with outdated Joseph Midnight's tearaway Eastend mob at the one hand, and the white officers of Uptown and the neighbouring Gurfurrit mine at the different.

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As for tricking, cunning, and that which in Soveraigns they call King-craft, and reason of State in Commonwealths, to them and their Proceedings Polybius is an open Enemy. He severely reproves all faithless practices, and that 'KaKoij'pa'YfjLoa- or vicious Policy, which is too frequent in the management of the Publick. He commends nothing but plainness, sincerity and the common good, undisguis'd, and set in a true Light before the People: Not but that there may be a necessity of saving a Nation, by going beyond the letter of the Law, or 20 even sometimes by superseding it; but then that necessity must not be artificial, it must be visible, it must be strong enough to make the remedy not only pardon'd, but desir'd, to the major part of the people; not for the interest only of some few men, but for the Publick safety: for otherwise one infringement of a Law, draws after it the practice of subverting all the Liberties of a Nation; which are only intrusted with any Government, but can never be given up to it.

Senate]/—, 01-2. comprehend:] ,~; Oi-2. Endowments; being] ~. Being Oi-2. Egypt:] ~. Oi-2. 33 Undertaking:] ~. Oi-2. 1-2 Government] ~, 01-2. 14 By] no paragraph break in Oi-z. 18 them,] ~; Oi-2. 29 I] no paragraph break in Oi-2. Character of Polybius 33 also so instructive that we may truly say, they transcend the profit which we receive from the matter of Fact. Upon the whole we may conclude him to be a great Talker; but we must grant him to be a Prudent Man. We can spare nothing of all he says, 'tis so much to our Improvement; and if the rest of his History had remain'd to us, in all probability it wou'd have been more close: for we can scarce conceive what was left in nature for him to add, he has so emptyed almost all the Common-places of Digressions already: or if he could have added any thing, those observa10 tions must have been as useful and as necessary, as the rest which he has given us, and that are descended to our Hands.

Character of Polybius 35 are both of them, without dispute, the best Historians in their several kinds. In this they are alike, that both of them suffer'd under the iniquity of the times in which they liv'd: both their Histories are dismember'd, the greatest part of them lost, and they are interpolated in many places. Had their Works been perfect, we might have had longer Histories, but not better. Casaubon, according to his usual partiality, condemns Tacitus, that he may raise Polybius, who needs not any sinister Artifice, to make him appear equal to the best.

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