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By Julia Haig Gaisser

Catullus is without doubt one of the liveliest and so much attractive Roman poets. His emotion, allure, and obvious spontaneity resonate with readers as strongly this present day as in antiquity. This subtle literary and old advent brings Catullus to existence for the fashionable reader and offers his poetry in all its number of feelings, topics, and styles.Places Catullus in a social, old, and literary contextExamines Catallus's type and matters, and offers a literary advent to his significant topics of affection, social lifestyles, and politicsDiscusses the reception of the poems by way of translators and interpreters

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31 We can take a book off the shelf and open it to any page we like. But an ancient reader opening a book had to start at the beginning. He (or more rarely she) would hold the book in the right hand and pull it open with the left, exposing one or more columns of text. Then with the left hand the reader would reroll the portion just read, unrolling the papyrus with the right hand to show new columns of text. The process would be similar to, but probably much slower than, what we call “scrolling down” on a computer screen.

If the reading patrona virgo in line 9 is correct, Catullus is claiming to rely on just such qualities, provided by the supernatural assistance of the “patron maiden” or Muse. But in actuality he undoubtedly also looked to human agency and the practical support of his friends. 11 No doubt Catullus’ poetry was also promoted by fellow poets like Calvus and Cinna. Catullus’ own endorsement of Cinna’s Zmyrna (poem 95), discussed in chapter 1, is a masterful example of just such literary promotion.

Rather, it emerges as a concrete demonstration from the poem itself. Each detail of structure, theme, language, and technique illustrates Catullus’ conception of poetry and how it should be written. The poem, like many in Catullus, possesses a high degree of what we might call poetic economy. ” These ideas follow each other easily and Catullus Julia Haig Gaisser © 2009 Julia Haig Gaisser. ISBN: 978-1-405-11889-7 POETRY BOOKS 23 naturally, almost casually, but the underlying structure is anything but casual.

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