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By Paul P. Kolodziejczyk, Fereidoon Shahidi (auth.), Fereidoon Shahidi, Paul Kolodziejczyk, John R. Whitaker, Agustin Lopez Munguia, Glenn Fuller (eds.)

Food and uncooked fabric for its creation used to be as a rule produced through the normal agriculture. nevertheless, novel chemical substances have been synthetic within the laboratory or extracted from plant and animal resources. in spite of the fact that, because the international inhabitants is progressively in­ creasing, there's a reduce in conventional agriculture productiveness and matters also are expressed over the wear and tear inflicted to the surroundings and regulations that would be en­ compelled in meals construction. while, there's an expanding call for for prime qual­ ity agricultural items in addition to for foodstuff parts concerning either the normal or newly chanced on meals or phytochemicals. traits and developments,~n the realm of plant biotechnology and bioengineering has allowed manipulation of genes' !lnd/or insertion of latest genes, hence creation of trans­ genic vegetation. ranging from the advent of agronomic characteristics, really tension resis­ tance to assorted environmental elements, method and sensory features, nutrients caliber and creation of novel forms of plant-based items via genetic engineering, biotechnology is altering the,;agriculture and the concept that of construction of plant-ba~~d uncooked fabrics. expanding cognizance is being paid on examine for creation of vegetation !pat delivers a big selection of nutrients and non-food items. might be the 1st non-food pro,d­ uct that plant biotechnology might in achieving is construction of huge scale custom-designed business oils, however the record of chemical substances is lengthy, ranging" from oils and particular triacyl­ glycerols to biopolymers, enzymes, blood parts, amo~g others.

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Such developments will eventually favor the partial or total replacement of petrochemicals with oleochemical products, particularly in environmentally sensitive areas. PROGRESS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY The past decade has witnessed some striking examples of the manipulation of quality traits in transgenic oil crops using single-gene insertion events. A list of some of the rapeseed and soybean varieties with modified quality traits that are currently under development is shown in Table 3. Two of the most notable achievements in oil modification to date are the 40% stearic and 40% lauric rapeseed varieties first trialed by Calgene in 1993-1994 (Murphy, 1996).

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