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In childrens of the Jedi, Barbara Hambly introduces a brand new personality: Callista, a courageous Jedi warrior of some time past who gave her existence to foil one of many Empire's darkest plans, a plot to break a stronghold that used to be sanctuary for the better halves and kids of the Jedi knights. unexpectedly, the dreadnought is rearming itself, purpose on destruction. simply Luke Skywalker can believe its evil presence in addition to the mysterious impression of that strong lady who must have died many years ago.

Features an advantage part following the unconventional that features a primer at the famous person Wars accelerated universe, and over part a dozen excerpts from probably the most renowned superstar Wars books of the final thirty years!

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A trembling came on him, a deep distress, and Lellin's gray eyes were troubled. "Perhaps," said Lellin, "there is hope-that what I am trying to tell you. If anything of your cousin has influence, and it is likely that it does, if he was not utterly overwhelmed by what happened to him, then he may yet defeat the man who killed him. " w. c bu to re he C lic k he k lic C w. 0 bu y rm er Y F T ra n sf o ABB PD er Y "I thank you," Vanye whispered, and moved finally to pass under the rope and leave the horses.

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