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By Howard Friel

Throughout the lens of a cautious review of the political opinions of MIT’s Noam Chomsky and Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz—the protagonists of a Cambridge-based feud during the last 40 years—author Howard Friel chronicles an American highbrow heritage from the U.S. struggle in Vietnam within the Nineteen Sixties to the modern debate concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Major findings display the consistency of Chomsky’s principled help of foreign legislations, human rights, and civil liberties, and a reversal through Dershowitz from help within the Nineteen Sixties to competition of these criminal criteria this present day. while Chomsky has antagonistic competitive struggle (including through the USA and Israel) all through his educational profession, Dershowitz moved from opposing the conflict in Vietnam to assisting the U.S.-led warfare on terrorism, such as “preventive wars,” “preemptive attacks,” armed reprisals, and particular extrajudicial killings. even though Dershowitz as soon as hostile the Nixon administration’s attack on civil liberties, he now writes favorably a couple of “jurisprudence of the preventive state” within the usa, which might most likely legalize “preventive surveillance,” “preventive interrogations,” and “preventive detentions.”

Friel’s quantity argues Chomskyan adherence through the us to overseas legislation and human rights would cut back the specter of terrorism and safeguard civil liberties, that the Dershowitz-backed warfare on terrorism raises the specter of terrorism and undermines civil liberties, and that the incremental yet regular transition towards a preventive country threatens the everlasting suspension of civil liberties within the usa.

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