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Rhinometry has yet to become of sufficient clinical value to be of routine use in the assessment of nasal obstruction, as the threshold of nasal obstruction or “congestion” of which the patient complains correlates poorly with air pressure measurements. Fig. 50 Acoustic rhinometry. Noise introduced into the nasal vestibule is reflected from the interior of the nose. With a widely patent nasal airway, the reflection of sound is delayed and less intense than with nasal obstruction. Hence, a graph of normality can be made, and acoustic rhinometry is one recent objective measurement for nasal airway.

17 Nickel sensitivity limits the use of certain earrings and has caused eczema on the lobule (arrow). Bull, Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis © 2003 Thieme All rights reserved. Usage subject to terms and conditions of license. 54 The Ear a c b Fig. 18 “High” ear piercing (Fig. 17, arrow) complicated by infection (frequently pseudomonas) may lead to abscess formulation. The puncture with high ear piercing (unlike the lobule) punctures cartilage and may lead to the additional problem of cartilage infection—perichondritis.

67 The taste buds. These are mainly situated on the tongue and palate, and are centered on the fungiform and circumvallate papillae. The fungiform papillae (arrowed) degenerate with age, and are prominent on a child’s tongue. They also atrophy, as seen here, from the right side of the tongue to the mid-line, with the loss of the chorda tympani nerve, which may be divided in ear surgery. The filiform papillae account for the rough surface of hte tongue and are not related to the taste sensation.

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