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By J. Goldberg

Did medieval ladies have the facility to settle on? this can be a query on the middle of this booklet which explores 3 complaints from Yorkshire within the a long time after the Black loss of life. Alice de Rouclif used to be a toddler heiress made to marry the illegitimate son of the neighborhood abbot after which kidnapped by way of her feudal better. Agnes Grantham used to be a profitable businesswoman ambushed and assaulted in a woodland when on her technique to dine with the grasp of St Leonard's clinic. Alice Brathwell was once a good widow who attracted the attentions of a supposedly aristocratic conman. those are their tales.

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Failure to offer specific information on some of the articles presented need not detract from a witness’s credibility. In fact Pottell tries to demonstrate the truth of the article’s statement: he took gifts from John to Alice and he took back Alice’s greetings to him! 19 He made the bed in which they lay together alone and naked. He insinuated that Alice was not yet old enough to have a sexual relationship, but she responded in a way that implied that she was already having such a relationship and was indeed of age so to do.

We need to retrace the process by which a deposition came to be created. As has already been noted, witnesses gave their testimony in response to predetermined questions. 14 The articles themselves derived ultimately from the original libel drawn up on behalf of the plaintiff that summarized their case. In theory, the libel was used to generate a series of statements or positions to which the defendant responded. Only those statements that were challenged by the defendant needed to be demonstrated by reference to witnesses.

Much the same point can be made in respect of the dates provided by witnesses. 12 The recording of time by reference to calendar months was probably a clerical convention and a feature of literary rather than oral culture. The use exclusively of saints’ days can, however, only have been reinforced by this ecclesiastical context. The dating of Alice’s birth, nevertheless, sounds formulaic. Vaux’s dating is tied to the point at which he entered employment as a servant, that is, at the feast of St John itself, but it is questionable how far so important a feast, popularly associated with midsummer (St John’s eve) and thus a time of celebration, would have needed so precise a definition.

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