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The essays offered through the writer right here have been written in Iran over a interval of approximately ten years (1989-1999). The identify of the gathering isn't intended to indicate that those are crucial themes of up to date Islamic inspiration, simply that they're a few issues of present dialogue between Muslims. those are semi-popular essays written with numerous reasons in mind.This booklet is among the many Islamic guides dispensed by way of Ahlulbayt association during the international in numerous languages with the purpose of conveying the message of Islam to the folk of the realm. Ahlulbayt association ( is a registered association that operates and is continued via collaborative efforts of volunteers in lots of international locations world wide, and it welcomes your involvement and help. Its targets are various, but its major aim is to unfold the reality in regards to the Islamic religion ordinarily and the Shi`a tuition of suggestion particularly as a result of latter being misrepresented, misunderstood and its tenets frequently assaulted through many ignorant parents, Muslims and non-Muslims. Organization’s function is to facilitate the dissemination of data via an international medium, the net, to destinations the place such assets should not more often than not or simply obtainable or are resented, resisted and fought! furthermore, for a whole checklist of our released books please consult with our site ( or ship us an e mail to

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If a fly or any other insect settled first on something impure that is moist and then on something pure that is moist, the latter in turn becomes impure, provided one can be certain that the former was impure; failing that, it remains pure. Besides the ablutions that are necessary and unavoidable there are a number of ablutions that are highly recommended in order to please Allah. A few of them are: ƒ Ablution performed Friday between dawn and noon. 41 The Little Green Book — Ayatollah Khomeini ƒ Ablution performed on the eve of the first day of Ramadan and the eves of all the odd days of that month, (third, fifth, seventh, and so on).

Ablution of one who has witnessed the hanging of a person condemned to death. If he did not witness it of his own free will, ablution is not necessarily required. 42 II. 15 On the Five Namaz [ Daily Ritual Prayers ] The person who says his five daily prayers must do so in a state of prefect concentration and complete meditation. He must abstain from committing sins such as those of jealousy, pride, or scandalmongering, or eating forbidden foods, drinking alcoholic beverages, or refusing to pay his tithes to the clergy.

During prayer, one must avoid bending one’s head to the right or left, closing one’s eyes, clasping one’s hands, spitting, toying with one’s beard, looking at the writings of the Qur’an or any other writings, or at the design of a ring. One must also avoid praying hen one feels sleepy, when one feels an urge to urinate or defecate, or when one is wearing socks that are too tight. 45 II. 16 On Prayers in Case of Natural Phenomenon Namazé-ayat is the name given to the prayer to be said when one witnesses natural phenomena which inspire fear.

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