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By Claire M. Smith

One of recent democracy's greatest demanding situations is the abroad voter.This publication is the 1st of its type to discover the problems of army and in another country balloting, a regularly missed vote casting bloc, through investigating the successfulness of out of the country vote casting projects, applied sciences, and coverage efforts.

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Republicans Abroad International (RAI) was founded in 1978. 14 In general, the organizational capacity of RAI is weaker than DA, and it conducts fewer activities (250–251). Second, overseas citizens also participate by contributing money to political parties, campaigns, and candidates. Indeed, overseas Americans are an important financial resource for political parties. Although 36 CONVENIENCE VOTING AND TECHNOLOGY contributions from American citizens living abroad accounted for less than 1 percent of total contributions in any given election cycle between 1991 and 2008, they have grown at a significant rate, from just over $500,000 in 1991–1992 to almost $11 million in 2007–2008 (Starkweather 2010, 4).

37 Conclusion This chapter has grappled with and considered several important questions concerning Americans who reside overseas. 5 million military and military spouses and dependents eligible to vote under UOCAVA. 5 million UOCAVA voters, a figure as large as the vote-eligible populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, and Rhode Island combined. Another consistent finding is that the majority of Americans overseas is located in Western European or other advanced industrial democracies such as Japan and Australia.

While this increase reflects the overall rise in individual contributions in the 2008 presidential election, which broke many records (see, for example, Luo 2008; Frost 2013), the long-term trend suggests an increasing focus on Americans abroad by political parties and candidates in an attempt to influence political outcomes in the continental United States. Third, many individuals join American associated groups. Although dispersed, since the 1990s, these groups have been aided in their endeavors by technological advancements in communication, which are not restricted by geographic location.

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