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"Second variation offers new fabric on coupling rankings, normal objective couplings as opposed to unique objective couplings, retrofitting of lubricated couplings to nonlubricated couplings, torsional damping couplings, torquemeter couplings, and more."

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19). They have two hubs with sprockets rather than teeth. The sprockets are connected by a length of double-stranded roller chain. Most of the couplings are open and are lubricated by “brushing” grease on the chain. Sometimes a cover is used to help keep the lubrication in. These couplings do not transmit as much power (for the same outside diameter) as gear couplings but are usually less costly. Chain couplings are used for low-speed applications on medium-sized and small equipmen t. 3. Grid Couplings Grid couplings are also very similar to gear couplings.

Misalignment and end movement must be accommodated without the introduction of abnormal loads in the equipment. Generally, machines are set up at installation quite accurately. Many things can force equipment to run out of alignment. The thermal effects of handling hot and cold fluids cause some movement in the vertical and axial directions, as do differentials of temperature in driver media such as gas and steam. Vertical motion could be a result of support structure expansion Overview of Couplings and Joints 27 due to temperature differences, distortion due to solar heating, axial growth, or a combination of any of these.

3): 1. Parallel offset. 3A). 2. Angular. 3B). 3. Combined angular and offset. 3C). 2 Functions of a flexible coupling: (A) Transmit torque; (B) accommodate misalignment; (C) compensate for end movement. types of misalignment, the coupling sees only angular misalignment. The Jexible elements see only angular and axial alignment or misalignment. Therefore equipment needs a coupling with more than one flexible element to accommodate offset, the exception being some elastomeric element couplings that can accommodate both parallel and angular misalignments.

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