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By Henning Graf Reventlow, Yair Hoffman

Jewish and Christian views on production within the Bible, with modern theological, philosophical and political matters raised via the biblical-Jewish-Christian ideas of construction. this is often the 5th quantity produced through the Bochum-Tel Aviv seminar that explores a number of biblical and similar subject matters from Jewish and Christian views. Fourteen papers discover the idea of production within the Bible and in Jewish and Christian theology. The very wide variety of views on production contain the Genesis bills (Polak, Hoffman, Greenstein), construction within the Deuteronomistic background (Thiel), in Deutero-Isaiah (Polliack), Paul (Nebe) and Revelation (Toenges), with a overview of construction in biblical theology via Reventlow. old Egyptian recommendations (Hasenfratz) and Israelite faith (Gruenwald) and the Qumran literature (Nitzan) also are coated. a last workforce of essays considers the 'unsolved challenge' or windfall in production (Link), the discussion among theology and ordinary sciences (Grab) and the concept that of construction on the planet Council of church buildings' initiative on Justice, Peace and the Integrity of production.

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R. Rendtorff, 'Some Reflections on the Creation as a Topic of Old Testament Theology', in E. ), Priests, Prophets and Scribes: Essays on the Formation and Heritage of Second Temple Judaism in honour of Joseph Blenkinsopp (JSOTSup, 149; Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1992), pp. 204-12. 8. P. P. P. K. ), History and Interpretation (Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1993), pp. 19-32. 9. G. Perdue, Wisdom and Creation: The Theology of Wisdom Literature (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1994). 10. L. Kugel, The Bible as It Was (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1997), pp.

6. A. G. ), It Is Written: Scripture Citing Scripture (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988). P. G. 10 In these, as well as in other studies to be mentioned ahead, the biblical status of the PCS is a negligible issue, which therefore calls for a detailed inquiry. I am not so pretentious as to suggest here a comprehensive study of the topic, but I will try to examine some of its undiscussed aspects. 2. Methodology Any comparative study should be controlled by clear methodological rules. Generations of readers have found in the Bible clues to any desired idea.

Although some words are used in both texts nothing implies the PCS: creation by the word of God, the six days pattern, the light as the first created object—all these motifs are missing. Nor is there a controversy with the PCS, in spite of the diametrically different concepts of the two creation descriptions. (3) Ps. 104 opens with a description of the creation by saying and continues with the water in the upper chambers, the angels, the deep i etc. In spite of some lexical correlation with the PCS24 the psalm lacks the six days pattern, the root l is not used, the creation of man is marginal and the words (v.

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