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What's the one element of this damaged international that, if you see it, contact it, get close to it, you simply cannot stand? potentially, that firestorm of frustration displays your holy discontent, a fact so troubling that you're thrust off the sofa and into the sport. it is in the course of those defining instances while your eyes open to the desires surrounding you and your center hungers to reply that you simply listen God say, 'I believe an identical approach approximately this challenge. Now, let's cross remedy it together!' invoice Hybels invitations you to think about the dramatic impression your lifestyles can have should you permit your holy discontent to gas rather than frustrate you. utilizing examples from the Bible, his personal lifestyles, and the reviews of others, Hybels exhibits how one can locate and feed your individual zone of holy discontent, struggle for it while issues get dicy, and keep on with it whilst it takes a mid-course flip. As you reside from the power of your holy discontent, you will satisfy your position in environment what's wrong during this global correct!

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Indd 49 02/20/07 8:45:56 a Where to Find Your Holy Discontent and far more creative than you. Again, it would be easy to opt out. It would be easy to talk yourself into believing that this “holy discontent” business is reserved for everyone else except you, but you, my friend, would be dead wrong. • During a weekend ser vice at Willow last year, I did what I commonly do when I want to simplify something that’s complex: I sketch it out. It’s my own take on “modern art,” if you will. Anyway, I was talking that weekend about how to know when a passion pursuit qualifies as a bona fide “holy discontent,” and here’s essentially what I drew on the flip chart: | | | | | | | † | | | | | | | | | heaven I explained that the vertical tick marks across the center of the sheet represent the years of a person’s life, and that the cross stands for the moment when someone turns over control of his or her life to the authority of Christ.

As well as renewed energy to stay in the game from here on out. • I remember trying to make my way to the parking lot after that talk, but more than a dozen doctors blocked my path. My instincts about the firestorm theory applying to this crowd evidently had been right — every person in that little postgame mob was armed and ready to tell me the exact “Popeye moments” they’d experienced. Not surprisingly, they all remembered precisely where they were and what was going on in their minds and hearts when they first decided to fill out the med-school application that led them into this field.

Became famous because of what he couldn’t stand. A pastor by occupation, he wound up being one of the greatest volunteers the world has ever known. The racial oppression he saw all around him in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s ripped him apart: he couldn’t stand the “Whites Only” signs on drinking fountains and bathrooms and doors to restaurants; he couldn’t stand the fact that blacks, by law, were pushed to the back of the bus or forced to give up seats altogether so that white patrons could sit down; he couldn’t stand the reality that his people were always found at the end of the receiving line for educational, employment, and housing opportunities.

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