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By Adrian Thatcher

This ebook is the 1st optimistic, in-depth examine of cohabitation outdoor marriage from a mainstream Christian theological point of view. The e-book retrieves the traditions of betrothal from the bible and church heritage, and indicates how those can rework Christian attitudes to dwelling jointly sooner than marriage. It takes factor with theologians who marginalize marriage, and means that the popularity of marital values can act as a important bridge among Christian educating and those who will not be officially married.

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R. Schoen and D. Owens, ‘A Further Look at First Unions and First Marriages’, in S. J. South and S. E. ), The Changing American Family: Sociological and Demographic Perspectives (Boulder and Oxford: Westview Press, 1992). 109–17. 1 (March 1988), 3. , 13. 120 Choices will increasingly be made with reference to peer groups and decreasingly with reference to institutional authorities and norms. The European Values Studies121 are thought to provide detailed confirmation of the influence of both secularization and individuation on family formation.

We have already noted (above, proposition 8) that cohabiting couples are more violent to each other than married couples. Robert Whelan’s study, based on British data in the 1980s, claimed that children of cohabiting parents were 20 times more likely to be subject to child abuse. 91 ‘The most unsafe of all family environments for children is that in which the mother is living with someone other than the child’s biological father. ’92 Jon Davies envisages an imaginary foetus approaching a life assurance agent about a policy which is most likely to provide him or her with a happy life.

The evidence is found, on the male side, in the failure of many men to maintain dependent partners and children, and on the female side, in the increasing economic 120 121 122 123 124 125 This might more properly be called ‘individualism’. Individuation, more accurately, is what makes a thing one of something. Nevertheless I have retained the term used in Lesthaeghe’s and Surkyn’s paper. Lesthaeghe and Surkyn, ‘Cultural Dynamics’, 23–31. Rindfuss and Vandenheuvel, ‘Cohabitation’, 722–3 (emphasis added).

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