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And He's given you all the faith you need to overcome fear and live free from it forever. I want to give you four steps that you can take to help overcome fear with your faith: 1. Acknowledge that tormenting fear does not come from God There are two kinds of fear. One is a normal-natural kind of fear. It's a healthy respect for danger. For example, when you walk across the street, you look both ways. Or when you're walking down the sidewalk, you take a child by the hand so he or she won't dart out in front of a car.

If you're dealing with an unhealthy, tormenting kind of fear, first of all I encourage you to acknowledge that it did not come from God. Then you can take the next step that I'm going to share with you to help you overcome fear with your faith. 2. Remember that Jesus is with you When I was a little boy, my family went down to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas where my great-grandparents were living. My little sister, Roberta, and I stayed in the same room while we were there. Roberta was afraid of the dark and was used to sleeping with a night-light.

I stand with you in faith for your complete healing and deliverance. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray. Amen. Richard Roberts is President and Chief Executive Officer of Oral Roberts University. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree and has written such faith-inspiring books as He ’s the God of a Second Chance, The Joy of the Lord: Hoiv To Get It and Keep It, and Claim Your Inheritance. For almost 25 years Richard has conducted healing crusades throughout America and around the world. Through his daily television program, The Hour of Healing, tens of thousands of miracle testimonies have poured into the Oral Roberts Ministries from people who have experienced God’s saving, healing, delivering power.

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