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By Jean Duhaime

The conflict Texts is the identify given to a small team of useless Sea Scrolls that depict the guidance for and many of the levels of the eschatological conflict among the 'Sons of sunshine' and the 'Sons of Darkness'. Jean Duhaime in short surveys the background of those texts from their preliminary discovery to their reputable book. He describes different scrolls and provides information in their contents and their relationships to each other. Duhaime summarizes many of the purposes aiding a courting of this composition to the Hellenistic or Roman interval and offers an instance of using the Bible within the battle Texts.

The individuals to the better half to the Qumran Scrolls sequence take account of all correct and lately released texts and supply huge bibliographies. The books within the sequence are authoritatively written in obtainable language and are perfect for scholars and non-specialist students.

Companion to the Qumran Scrolls, 6.

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And to re[count] your truthful works and the judgments of your wonderful might'. Fragment 16 preserves portions of five lines; their content probably refers to events which are to take place after the victory: the division of the booty between the fighters 'and between the whole congregation' (as in Num. 27), and the gathering of 'all Israel' in Jerusalem for a final celebration. 11), was perhaps described in the missing end of the scroll. Four various fragments contain excerpts of regulations.

Tigchelaar (2000) has subsequently discussed and rejected Lyons's arguments. 15. Baillet 1982: 26-30, pi. VI. 2 , pp. 24-26. 36 The War Texts plate VII of the official edition, it simply appears in the upper left corner of the column. ) habitation', and again to a being expressing in the first person ('and I') his association with 'splendour'. Baillet's label for col. 1 of frg. 11 is 'Canticle of Michael and canticle of the righteous ones' and for frg. 12 simply 'Canticle of Michael', even if the archangel's name never appears in the text itself.

4Q491 Ma When Hunzinger (1957) first reported on 4Q491 Ma, he mentioned 70 fragments of this manuscript; he later made a few additional direct joins and left Baillet with 62 pieces. The latter reduced this number to 37 in the official publication (Baillet 1982: 12-44, pi. V-VI). 5 cm high (frg. 2, made of seven different pieces), whereas one of the smallest is 7 mm by 6 mm (frg. 7). The original light beige colour has turned darker, but the black ink is still easily readable. Lines and margins have been ruled with a dry reed and are almost invisible; the line spacing is surprisingly short, around 4 mm, and 4.

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